Saturday, May 17, 2008

The #1 Dynamite Key for Exploding Your Weight Loss While Exercising Far Less

Have you ever noticed that the #1 exercise of choice among those trying to lose weight is walking?

So here's the question...

Why are there so many overweight walkers?

And I'm not talking about the people who have just recently laced up the Nikes and started walking to try and shed a few pounds. I'm talking about those determined individuals who have been walking around the block for the past year!

And here's the crazy thing...

Even after a year they just keep right on walking and waiting for the "awesome" weight loss to show up!

Here's the perfect example...

The same lady has walked past my office window every day for the past 365 days in sneakers, spandex and a pink headband. (Perhaps you know the type? Are you one of them?)

Not to be "mean", but I don't see the pounds melting away!

In fact, she may have gained a few inches around her waist since she began a full year ago!

So what gives?

Why don't the vast majority of walkers seem to lose any significant weight... Ever?

We all know Dr. Oz from who frequently appears on OPRAH?

Well... perhaps Dr. Oz said it best when a slightly overweight woman stood up on OPRAH and asked why her exercise wasn't producing any results?

She had been using the treadmill consistently for the past several months, but still and I quote "was not experiencing the weight loss she expected."

His response...

And everyone who has a desire to stop exercising so much and start losing weight had better pay attention!

Dr. OZ simply said...

"You're probably not pushing yourself enough."

Key point: Without intensity your exercise will not produce the weight loss you desire! In fact, you probably won't lose any weight at all!

Your body loves to be pushed! Your exercise produces the greatest weight loss when you are sweating. In fact, a short ten minute workout in which you are sweating like crazy is far superior to an hour long "hum-drum" one when it comes to producing fast weight loss.

So the next time you lace up those walking shoes...

make sure to increase your pace...

you just might find that the weight loss you have been longing for finally shows up.

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