Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are Fat Loss Secrets a Myth?

People look for fat loss secrets as an easy fix for weight loss, just like everything else in life. Of course people's motivation for losing weight can be different; for some it's a health issue, others it's simply looking good. But no matter your reason, people are looking for wonder fat loss secrets, more and more these days.

So yeah, there are a few fat loss secrets you can put to work and start seeing results. But it's pretty obvious they won't be found in the usual places: magazines, mainstream books, and commercial diet programs, and the like. Most of the info they feed you is best used to kill time, and doesn't let most people put a substantial weight loss program together. Lesser-known, more independently published guides by fitness coaches and consultants who have a great reputation, are a more sensible choice for finding fat loss secrets.

So, fat loss secret number one is, set a plan and keep at it. Don't stray from it, like so many people do. It's amazing how so many people will throw in the towel if they don't see amazing results overnight. That's no way to get in shape.

The second fat loss secret is, take into account the type of life you lead now. Are you sitting around most of the time or are you getting plenty of physical activity in every day. Knowing this will give you some idea of how many calories to build into your diet. Document it all out. Everything you eat, you count it. Like my favorite bodybuilding coach told me one time when he was talking about tracking a workout plan, "if you don't record it, you don't do it." And of course jot it down right away; otherwise, you'll likely forget and those will be wasted efforts.

When friends and colleagues tell me of supposed fat loss secrets they heard from their friends, it's pretty clear that most of these are imaginative ideas that don't really hold water. You would need to pretty much live your life following a lot of these "miracle" methods to keep the weight off. There's just so much information out there that's disseminated that it becomes difficult to know which are true fat loss secrets and which ones don't add up. Some do make sense of course, like cutting junk food and fast food, and instead sticking to fruits and vegetables instead.

Fat loss secret three is really to make sure you're taking in plenty of water. Four full glasses over the course of each one day is a pretty good rule of thumb. It varies from person to person, especially with issues of weight and metabolism, etc. This will make your exercising more efficient and helps stave off appetite. So if you integrate a trusted diet and fitness plan with good record keeping and maintaining healthy water intake, those all together make up the only fat loss secrets you need.

But no matter what, keep a positive attitude about what you're doing. Anything worth doing at all is worth giving it your best effort and keeping at it, otherwise all the fat loss secrets under the sun won't help you.

Rob Jacobs is cutting edge fitness coach and has helped his clients turn around their bodies for the past 20 years. He advises bodybuilders and casual dieters alike about only the best fitness and nutritional info. Learn more about Rob's guide to getting your body and life on track. Check out Fat Loss Secrets


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