Monday, May 26, 2008

Burn The Fat - How Diets and Eating Plans Can Help You

The word diet has been given negative connotations over the years, as people would go days without eating anything except for the occasional salad, claiming they were on a diet. The truth of the matter is however, that a diet is simply a pre-planned eating habit. And if you plan ahead to eat the right foods in the right quantities, you just might be on your way to diet success.

If you're tired of the fad diets and serious about weight loss there are plenty of legitimate diets and eating plans that can lead you to success. Some of the more popular programs are the Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, and Slim fast plans. These diets have been around for some time and have numerous testimonies to their success. The only downside would be the cost of the food which is more expensive than the alternatives.

If you'd like to go it alone, which should save you some money, there are some basic rules to keep in mind. First, watch out for simple carbohydrate foods which are known to raise insulin which ends up stored as fat. These aren't just the cakes, cookies, and donuts that we find so hard to resist, but foods like bread and pasta as well. While you don't want to give up on these foods altogether, it's possible to offset the rise in insulin that they cause by eating complex carbohydrate foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which keep insulin levels low.

Another way to aid your diet is to be careful with fat-free foods. This one catches a lot of dieters off-guard as they believe they can eat as much of them as they want. Unfortunately, many times these foods may be low fat, but high in calories as they replace the fat with sugar. Again, fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat.

A great rule for weight loss diets is more daily meals, but smaller portions. It is the norm in our culture today to eat until we get full every meal of the day. This really wreaks havoc on our weight loss program, especially when we're eating the wrong foods. The importance of eating only until we feel content cannot be overstressed, especially when super sizing a meal can cost just a little bit more. These excess calories are just going to be stored as fat.

Asking the advice of your physician is also a great place to start. Your doctor can provide you with handouts that will be a great guide to improving your diet and losing weight. What makes this a wise decision is that your physician can tailor your diet plan to meet your specific needs.

Watch for hidden fats by carefully reading the nutrition label of every product you buy. Simple everyday foods like milk, meat, and even salad dressings contain fat. Cut down your intake of these high fat foods, by examining the calorie count which is in direct relation to the fat content.

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