Saturday, May 17, 2008

Calcium - A Catalyst For Fast-Paced Weight Loss

Calcium is an important nutrient for proper growth and development of various systems of our body. It is essential for strong bones and teeth in growing children. However, calcium is also associated with weight loss.

A proper diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. A person eating three meals a day is healthier because minerals and vitamins in food help in absorption and breakdown of large proteins and fat molecules.

However, calcium, which is a catalyst for fast paced weight loss, helps in proper digestion. It has been found that individuals, who drink milk regularly and have calcium rich diet, are bound to have less body fat than those undergoing a healthy diet. Calcium also has the ability to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in an individual.

Studies on rats and mice suggest that intake of calcium alters the metabolism of fat cells. Henceforth, it causes less fat to be stored and more to be released. Calcium certainly helps in controlling the body weight by increasing the amount of fat that is used as a fuel in our body. You will often observe that numerous doctors advised their patients, who wish to loss weight for incorporating calcium supplements in their diet. Again, calcium from dairy products provides you with excellent results.

Calcium burns fat naturally with the help of certain nutrients and elements that are active inside the body. It is also known to be an active element in the breakdown of fats. Henceforth, it is preferred by most over weight individuals.

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