Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dotties Weight Watcher - The Complete Guide To Dotties Weight Loss Zone

Dotti's weight loss zone is a one-woman diet phenomenon. This article will expose the truth about Dotties weight loss zone and your options for permanent weight loss.

Dotti's weight loss zone has been created by just one woman in order to get support from the community for her weight loss program.

This website was first created for the owner to get help from people worldwide in her goal to lose a substantial amount of weight. Since she has reached her goal she has now redesigned the site to primarily help other people all over the world to also achieve their weight loss goals.

Not only is there a message board, but there are also a comprehensive range of cookbooks, restaurant details, a newsletter, and a display of low calorie products that you can consume guilt free.

Dotti achieved her desired weight with the Weight Watchers Winning Points Plan. The idea here is not to be on a diet for life but to feel like you are not on a diet, while at the same time either losing weight or maintaining your desired weight.

There is also some merchandize for sale on the website.

Not only did this woman achieve her desired goal weight but she has also created a high quality website, which probabably is an unexpected surprise, and, also an internet business and online presence.

To get you started with losing weight here are a three tips to help you on your way.

1. Make sure you drink a lot of woman every day, even from when you get up in the morning so you rehydrate your body. Also drink a glass of water before every time you eat anything as it will make you feel fuller and you will eat less.

2. Also make sure that you drink water a lot during the meal as this will also make you feel full faster and stop you from overeating. It will also help the food to settle quicker in your stomach.

3. Be sure to eat a lot of water rich foods like watermelons and tomatoes. Tomatoes and watermelons contain as much as 95 percent water so you won't gain any weight when eating them and they're also delicious.

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