Friday, May 23, 2008

Easy Weight Loss - Break The Bad Habits

The reason you can't lose those extra pounds might not be your diet. The key may be making an effort to break those bad eating habits almost all of us have. Follow these simple steps to avoid the biggest dieting mistakes.

1. Don't start any weight loss program without a plan. Put together a detailed plan of what you like to eat, when you like to eat, and how you will incorporate healthy foods into your daily lifestyle. Stick to your plan and you're halfway there.

2. Don't eat to soothe your mood. Do you eat to get out of a slump? Do you eat to feel better? It will only make it harder to lose the weight if you eat because you are tired, bored, or upset. Avoid doing this at all times.

3. Don't skip the veggies! Everyone should make eating fruits and vegetables a daily priority, not just those of us on a diet. These foods are naturally filling and low in fat, so be sure to make a conscious effort to include them in your daily meals.

4. Don't neglect exercise. Exercise should be the cornerstone of any weight loss regimen. Walking even 3 times a week is the perfect compliment to any diet, so be sure to get moving as often as possible.

Quick fix diets don't work in the long run, so be sure to plan yours around foods you can live with. Combine your perfect foods with regular exercise and you'll be well on your way to diet success.

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