Friday, May 16, 2008

Elliptical Trainers to Cut Your Body Shape and Reduce BMI

Elliptical trainers are known for their ability to burn calories while protecting joints, muscle and bones. They provide a whole body aerobic workout that no other piece of fitness equipment can match. Elliptical trainers are also used by weightlifters to increase their aerobic capacity and lower their BMI. In some dojangs, martial artists especially those practicing Tae Kwon Do use elliptical trainers to warm up with prior to forms or sparring.

Loss of Upper Body Strength

A major problem with most aerobic exercise including running is that it causes a loss of upper body strength and mass. Most long distance runner cannot even do one handstand pushup or even bench press their own body weight. Loss of mass is not a problem for someone who is trying to lose weight, however if you are into total body fitness like many weight lifters or martial artists this can be a serious problem. However if you are bulked up and need to cut your body shape, lower your BMI for a contest or a meet, using an elliptical trainer will certainly help. Using the upper body workout function of an elliptical cross trainer will allow you to reduce the body fat giving you a lean cut look and increase your speed but still allow you to stay strong.

Maintaining strength

It is best to use an elliptical trainer prior to conducting your normal workout. Spending 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer prior to heavy squats or benches will help you maintain your power level. Initially you may find that your maximum lifts are reduced by as much as 15 percent but this is temporary and in about two weeks your power levels should return to normal. It is not recommended that you do any aerobic training on your off days as this seems to reduce both strength and power on your heavy workout days.

Martial Arts

Elliptical trainers are great for warming up prior to performing martial arts. They increase your flexibility and speed as well as help protect you from injury. A short 5 minute workout on an elliptical machine prior to stretching will certainly help you perform crisp and tight forms. Joint injury during sparring sessions, especially knee injuries are common in martial arts. Using an elliptical trainer to stay warm and loose will certainly reduce your chance of injury. Staying loose will also increase your speed and control as well. Elliptical trainers can also help in injury recovery by keeping the injured joint loose and flexible.

Light weight machines are not for heavy weights

If you are a power or an Olympic style lifter you are probably carrying a lot of muscle mass. This means you have to use a quality elliptical trainer that can handle the weight. A cheap poorly constructed elliptial machine will not do the job. Generally that means using a commercial grade elliptical machine designed to handle at least 300 lbs. Even if you only weigh 175 lbs the high quality elliptical trainer will be more stable and handle the workout better. As far as elliptical trainers designed for home use you should consider only top end machine with designed for at least 275 lbs. These elliptical trainers are generally more stable and durable allowing you to do a more intense workout without fear of breakdown or injury. Researching elliptical trainer information will give you insights as to what the best choices and options are availble.

When used correctly elliptical trainers are great cross training tools for weightlifters and martial artist.

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