Sunday, May 25, 2008

Exercise Schedule For Weight Loss

With reduction of calories we have achieved one portion of the plan and with exercise we will achieve the other. Remember, we have to under take exercise with a dual objective in mind.

Burning the excess fat already stored in the body (a kilo of excess weight represents around 7,000 calories).

Stopping further accumulation of fat.

Typically, exercise and diet schedules should advance gradually. The schedule should be customized according to the lifestyle of the person. My personal observation is that clients and consultants are over-enthusiastic in the beginning but the enthusiasm fades with the time.

The prime reason for this is that the exercise schedules often fail to match the lifestyle of a person or are too stringent to follow in real life. A health consultant should draft an exercise schedule accordingly. I personally feel that walking is one of the best and most natural ways of losing weight. I have had great success with it. In fact, because of regular walking (I walk around 20 km per week) I have been able to maintain the same weight levels for the past 15 years.

To start with, live an active lifestyle wherein you exercise a minimum of 30 minutes (15 minutes of vigorous exercise and 15 minutes of low or moderate exercise) per day.

In my programme, we gradually increase the duration of exercise to a minimum of 45 minutes per day (30 minutes rigorous and 15 minutes low or moderate exercise).

The key here is consistency. Often, I have observed that people tend to complete their schedules on the weekends, which is not right for the basic reason that the body is overloaded on the weekends and totally free during the week.

When I say 'exercise', I do not mean pumping iron (of course, you can also do weight training) every time. What I mean is making your body move - and this can be done by walking, climbing stairs, household work, etc. There is no dearth of activities that we can enjoy and simultaneously lose weight. It's just a matter of commitment and resolve.

Once we have achieve that ideal weight, the next step is maintaining it, which is little difficult than the first part. This is the phase during we say, 'Now that I have lost that excess baggage, indulge in all those tempting foods and bad lifestyle . But before you do that just close your eyes and think all the good things you can do now and all the difficultive faced when you had that excess weight - I am sure you will get your answer.

Always find a person can be your mentor and to whom you can be accoudle. This will help you in not regaining that weight your good and healthy habits on the backburner. Regularly check your weight and be calorie conscious.

The third important point our weight-loss programme is managing hunger. This ilised on eating balanced meals in which most of the calorie come from foods with high volume and low energy . For example, if we compare raisins (dried grapes) with grapes, we will find that after eating one-fourth , one would probably continue eating; but it would be difficult to consume more than 3/4 - 1 cup of grapesh servings have 110 calories each, but the fresh grapesfull of water. Water is a key ingredient in managing hat, but not the water you drink with the meal. Studies shomat it fills up the stomach but doesn't influence satiety. But the natural water in fruits and vegetables or in broth-based soups makes one feel full, that is, satiated.

Very low energy density Most fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk, and broth soups. Eat as much as you like.

Medium energy density: Includes meats; cheeses; fried food; salad dressings. Eat in moderation.

High energy density: Includes chips; chocolates; candies, cookies; nuts; butter and full-fat milk. Try to eat as less as possible.

One important tip for hunger management is to have a broth-based soup or a big, low-calorie density salad at the beginning of the meal.

You can have all those tempting foods but on your terms. 'Fhe day you have more calories you ought to slog more to burn them! Remember, at the end of the day it's you who has to decide how you wish to live. Whether you want to be a slave to your temptations or master them is up to you. Follow the Safe-n-Sure Weight Loss Programme honestly and I assure you that your weight will never be a problem ever again, making life all the more lighter and pleasant.

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