Friday, May 23, 2008

Fast Weight Loss Plan

Want a fast weight loss plan? It's easy to say goodbye quickly to 10 or 12 pounds of fat with these diet tips. Simply follow these tips and learn how to lose weight effectively.

The basics ..... eat plenty of good tasting, fresh, and healthy foods, fill up on vegetables, and keep your taste buds happy by eating lots of fruit. You should eat 3 small meals along with 3 small snacks each day.

No need to sacrifice! Just follow these simple guidelines to lose 10 or 12 pounds, or to give your weight loss efforts a boost when it seems to have screeched to a halt. Implement this balanced and flexible plan which shows you how to lose weight effectively.


Keep notes about everything you put into your mouth. No need to estimate calories. Just keep a record of what you eat and drink along with the approximate quantity. You will find that becoming aware of what you are eating helps you to plan healthy meals and snacks.


Cut your intake of all pure or added fats in half. Use half as much butter or spread on your bread, toast, muffins and potatoes; use half of your usual amount of mayonnaise or sauce on your salad; and use only half of the oil you normally put into the frying pan.


Eat treats containing sugar only three times per week. This includes the usual suspects: chocolate, ice cream, desserts, cake, pastries, and cookies.


Most meals should include a lower fat source of protein such as fish, chicken, cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, or beans. You can eat nuts, red meat, and eggs ..... just not every day.


Cheese and meat should be absent from at least one lunch and dinner every week. In order to increase fiber and reduce fat, those meals without cheese and meat can be built around whole grains, vegetables and beans.


Consume milk products containing reduced fat. Reduce from whole milk to 2% fat. Over time, reduce from 2% to 1%. Consume lower fat cheese and yogurt. Always read the labels to confirm that the yogurt you purchase does not contain sugar.


Eat a minimum of two servings of fruit every day as dessert or for snacks. Choose fruit that is in season.


Substitute water for sodas, juices, milk or alcohol. Do not drink diet soda because the sweet taste makes you crave sugar. Many people find that hot water with a slice of lemon can be very refreshing in the morning.


Include at least two servings of vegetables during lunch and dinner. You can have more servings of vegetables if you are still hungry.


Eat slowly in order to give your body time to understand that it is no longer hungry. This will reduce your tendency to eat too much.


Grated carrots are great for snacks and are much more filling than whole carrots.


The fiber in whole grains gives you a fuller feeling and will also help your digestion.


You can increase your fiber intake by choosing foods that need to be chewed. Chewing helps us to feel more satisfied. For example, eat some fruit instead of drinking juice. And always try to eat chunky soup instead of broth.


Plan your meals and snacks in advance. Plan your shopping in advance, too. Make your list and stick to it. Don't take the chance of loading up on high-calorie food when shopping while you are hungry.


Studies consistently prove that we eat more food while watching TV than we do when the TV is turned off. So, when you eat meals or snacks, leave the TV turned off.

Many of us are looking for a fast weight loss plan. We realize that a disciplined and consistent effort on our part is required. And, we appreciate the fact that most fast weight loss plans are doomed to failure. If you want an idiot-proof plan to LOSE 9 POUNDS IN 11 DAYS, go to

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