Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finding a Weight Loss Partner

When you first begin to diet it is hard to break old habits and begin forming new habits. This is where a weight loss partner comes in. Your diet partner will help keep you on track and hold you accountable for your food intake and your exercise plan.

Your diet partner will help you to stay motivated. You can plan to exercise together at a set time each day. This will keep you accountable and motivated. It is harder to give your weight loss partner a week excuse as to why you can not exercise than it is to convince yourself that you should just skip a day.

Diet partners also offer a great support system when it comes to sticking to a diet. It is easy to cheat on a diet especially if you feel you are going it alone. Your weight loss partner will help you to stay on track and listen when you do fall off the wagon.

You may also find that you end up with just a bit of competition when it comes to dieting with a partner. If you have a week where your partner has lost more weight than you or exercised more than you, you may just have to get moving and try and win next week.

Your partner will also add a bit of fun to dieting. You can work together to find fun new recipes and laugh when you goof up that new recipe. It is also a lot of fun to take a walk and tell silly jokes on the way. Set up one day each week where it is joke day and your entire exercise time is spent telling silly jokes while walking.

Friendships are built around common experience. You will find that your weight loss partner may just become your new best friend. As your lifestyle choices change so will your diet partners. It is always easier to do it with a friend.

Just remember to keep up the good work and have fun with your diet partner.

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