Monday, May 19, 2008

Healthy Weight Loss Choices

In this ever-changing world of the health-conscious trying to make healthy weight loss choices (and also the not-so-health-conscious) there is one link, one problem that seems to always defy capture. That one tiny piece of information seems to so far have eluded the searchers for decades, or at least since the start of the pencil-thin body era. This is the secret to easy, sure-fire, no diet weight loss and body shaping. It is a very elusive creature, and people look high and low to find it. They all believe it is there, if just one more product, one more secret formula, one more little pill could be put on the market. This cure-all will erase the hunt for perfection forever! No more searching, no more working out, no more counting calories, no more health issues. The problem is - there is no such thing as a 'magic' remedy.

When the interests of society started to become so ensnared in the advertising and marketing of products - from shoes to skin-care, from shampoo to poodle skirts - the whole of this society became enamored of the idea of one-size-fits-all and that everyone should look the same. It was at this very time in history that weight loss became so important, so mystifying, that an entire multi-billion dollar industry has thrived for years, pumping out pill after pill, product after product, idea after idea. It is no longer about how to be your healthiest, it is about how to look like someone else.

Times have passed of those long days of hard labor, working in the fields and factories with only your hands, torso, and legs to do the work. It was a time of physical fitness, and if the medical research was as progressed as it is today, people would be living very healthy into their centenarian age. They had a steady diet of meat, vegetables, fruits, and whatever else they could grow or gather from their own property. The benefit of obtaining food in this way was the very act - the physical exercise - that was required to produce, gather, and cook it was also the way an earlier people stayed fit.

Nowadays the healthy weight loss choices have been left up to the drug manufacturers and scam artists who would love for you to believe that their 'magic' pill, their 'magic' potion, their 'magic' fad diet is the one you must have to be healthy. There are some very beneficial programs on the market today, but finding and weeding them out can be a major undertaking due to the very massive amount of false information that is in marketing today. Most of those parts of society that are looking for this 'magic' will jump from program to program, pill to pill, and still never find what they seek - an easy, effortless way to become more healthy, particularly with losing weight. It is what keeps the weight loss/health industry in the mega billions of dollars every year.

There is only one safe, effective, permanent solution to the healthy weight loss choices people are making today. You must eat the right foods, in the correct amount and at the right time, and you must get enough exercise in your daily routine to keep burning those calories and keep your muscles the efficient machines they were intended to be. There is no other way. Anyone looking for a fast fix will only be disappointed in the end, and will keep the diet industry blooming with false promises.

It must also be remembered that each body, no matter how similar, is still unique. The healthy weight loss choice you make must be individualized for your specific needs and capabilities. One size still does not fit all. One choice still does not fit all. Know what you require and make the best choice for you and your healthiest body possible. Make your decision based on common knowledge and not on some 'secret' scientific research or 'magic' elixir. Your overall health and healthy weight loss choices are up to only you. You will ever only have one body. Take care of it and it will reward you for all the years you have to come.

Although not an advocate for a quick fix, I do believe there are programs on the market that can give you an edge on trying to be your healthiest. My opinion is just that, but check it out for yourself at

There are also a lot of 'secrets' out there to choose from -


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