Monday, May 26, 2008

Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a constant battle. And for many of us it's a never ending battle. First you have to decide how you are going to achieve the weight loss you want. Am I going to achieve the results by dieting alone, or a combination of dieting/exercise?

There are many fad diets floating around and you can waste a lot of time and money chasing the next easy weight loss fix. Weight loss really comes down to just 2 important factors, a sensible diet and regular exercise. You can purchase and follow the latest fad diet, and you will probably lose a few pounds but the moment you stop following it you can bet you will pile the pounds back on and probably with interest.

To achieve the weight loss you desire you don't have to spend countless hours working out at the gym leaving you without any spare time to pursue your other leisure time activities.

You do not have to avoid the foods you love and you definitely do not have to starve yourself. Two things you have to do straight away to lose weight is eat sensibly and exercise. Before you tuck into that piece of cake ask yourself do I need it? when did I last eat?, how much have I already consumed today?. With food you are better off having 4 to 5 small meals per day with a balanced nutritional mix. Don't have 5 meals of fried chicken if you do I do not believe you will see any benefit from you new eating plan.

Exercise, I for one like the gym but always seem to over do it and within a couple of weeks my training regime at the gym comes to an end. What does work for me is breaking my exercise into two parts AM and PM.

20 minutes of light exercise twice a day should be enough to start peeling off that excess weight.

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