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The Hoodia Weight Loss Mechanism

Hoodia Gordinni is a popular weight-loss herbal supplement can help eliminate both types of hunger, no matter how unhealthy one feels about skipping meals. The major advantage one easily notices when taking it is that it removes the craving for more food and snacks, and gives a feeling of fullness. Most diet pills and supplements work by trying to increase the rate at which our body burns fat.

P57 In Hoodia

In the past few years, hoodia has received much publicity as an appetite suppressant. The active ingredients in it appear to work in a unique manner than other weight loss drugs. P57, a chemical in Hoodia gordonii, seems to act like glucose in the body.

Essentially, P57 works on specific areas of the brain to create a feeling of fullness. Even though little or no food has been ingested, individuals who take Hoodia gordonii or P57 usually note feeling full quickly and not getting hungry again as soon as they would ordinarily. Additionally, it seems to reduce interest in eating for about 24 hours after a dose.

Does Hoodia Interfere With Other Medications?

Hoodia gordonii is not known to impede with the effects of other prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, herbal products, dietary pills, or food. However, due to limited clinical studies with its use, though, it may have interactions that are not yet recognized.

A person who decides to take Hoodia should be sure that a doctor or pharmacist is aware of all current medicines taken before beginning to use it. Some interactions between herbal products and medications can be more severe than others. The best way for you to avoid unsafe interactions is to tell your doctor and/or pharmacist what medications you are currently taking, including any over-the-counter products.

Standard Dosage Of Hoodia

Although no general dosage requirements for Hoodia gordonii have been made available in medical literature, clinical trials on humans used 400 mg twice a day. Other observers suggest taking no more than 800 mg of Hoodia gordonii at a time, however, the possible reasons for the limitation are not clear, although some individuals report feeling the appetite-reducing outcomes within 20 minutes to 30 minutes of taking it. However, some individuals needed to take it Hoodia gordonii regularly for several days or weeks before achieving the desired results.

The implications of hoodia gordonii with regard to repealing obesity are very remarkable. In recent laboratory studies using rats, it was noted to cause a significant reduction in calorie consumption in rats that were given hoodia gordonii extracts.

A clinical study conducted on morbidly-obese persons saw a reduction in average daily calorie intake by about 1,000 calories on the 15th day. Capsules or liquid extract are the recommended dosage forms it. It may be combined with other herbals, like green tea extract, or with minerals such as chromium.

Recently, Hoodia gordonii has been advertised and sold as an ingredient in gum, patches, and tea that claim to assist in weight reduction. It is also marketed in diet products, such as milkshakes and snack bars, however no proof is given to verify that these or any other types of Hoodia gordonii products are effective.

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