Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Building Lean Muscle Can Burn Fat & Help You Lose Weight Fast

The first thing most people think about when trying to lose weight is some form of aerobic exercise. This could be running, walking, treadmills, bicycling, swimming, etc. While aerobic exercise is important, weight training is absolutely vital to losing weight and burning off fat.

Weight training is important for anyone, man, woman, boy, girl, young & old. How much maximum weight you train up to is in direct reflection of your age, your health, your goals, and after consultation from your doctor.

How is weight training important for losing weight?

Muscle is much more dense than body fat. In order to truly lose weight, and burn off fat, it is very important to build lean muscle.

Muscle building increases your metabolism. In no time, you can build enough muscle to burn several hundred calories daily while you sleep! The growing phase of your muscles burns a huge amount calories. Also, during the "repairing" process after your workouts also burns tons of calories and body fat. This process lasts for up to 24 hours! You won't get that from aerobic exercising!

For every pound of muscle you put on, you will burn 40-50 calories daily. Consequently, the more muscle you put on, the more your body will become a fat burning machine.

One major point to remember is, when you start weight training, pay particular attention to your large muscle groups (i.e.,legs). Proper weight training within the large muscle group burns the most fat. Obviously, still work your entire body to achieve optimal results.

As always, consult your physician first before you start any type of exercising/weight training program.

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