Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Can I Lose Weight Fast

Fast weight loss is possible but doing it safely is another matter altogether. This article hopes to give you some information about how to increase the rate of your weight loss.


This is what many diets are based and although they do give results initially they tend not to last. The main reason for this is that your by taking in less calories than your body is used to it senses you are starving yourself and so it decides to make it harder for you to lose weight.

It does this in two ways, firstly it slows down the rate at which your metabolism works resulting in you burning foods slower. Secondly it starts to store your fat for reserves and future usage and instead starts to burn your muscle for energy.

You can lose weight using low calorie diets but to do it quickly would require too big a drop in calorie intake and result in the problems I have just mentioned above.


You can burn more calories by exercising so a simple logic should tell you that doing a more rigorous program will result in speedier results. This is fine in theory but more than likely isn't a realistic option.

People looking to diet usually aren't the fittest and this is where the problem is. If you aren't used to exercise and you try over doing things then there is a huge risk of serious injury. This obviously isn't going to help in any way with weight loss.

The only fast weight loss method I know that brings results works by fooling the metabolism into working at a higher rate. You can find out more about that diet at the links below but apart from this diet weight loss and fast aren't words that go together successfully and patience will be required.

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