Sunday, May 18, 2008

How is Liposuction Performed?

The process of performing a liposuction is not simple by any means, and that is why having a licensed and certified plastic surgeon do the procedure is very important. In general, all liposuctions will follow the same patterns as for as the procedure goes. First off you will need to receive anesthesia. This may be a local or general anesthesia and will be determined based on a number of factors. The amount and type of anesthesia used during a liposuction depends on the liposuction techniques that you and your surgeon decided on as well as the amount of fat that needs to be removed from your abdominal region and your personal tolerance for pain.

In the event that it has been decided to go with a local anesthesia, the anesthesia will be applied to the areas that will see pain and in return those areas are made numb. When you are given a local anesthetic you may also be given a sedative to make you sleep as well. You may have decided to go with a regional anesthetic in which an epidural block is used to cause the entire lower half of your body to go numb. If the surgeon has decided to go with a general anesthetic you will be completely asleep and fed via an intravenous needle.

The surgeon will then inject a saline solution in order to loosen up the fat cells making them easier to be removed. Generally, this will have an anesthesia and adrenaline in this injection as well in order to numb the nerves that may be contacted surgeon the procedure as well as contract the blood vessels to lower the chance of bleeding.

After making the incision and injecting the fluids, the surgeon will use a vacuum to suck the unwanted fat cells from the area. This procedure generally uses small incisions which can easily be closed with only a few stitches. After the surgeon feels that he or she has gotten all of the fat cells they can remove safely, they will then stitch up the incisions through the underlying muscle tissue in order to pull the skin and muscle tissue together so that connective tissue will form between the two. In some cases depending on the amount of fat being removes, there may be some sagging of the skin at the lower abdominal region.

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