Thursday, May 29, 2008

How To Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days

There are a lot of us, you know! We want to lose a couple of inches around our waistline and have the scale show less. Why does it seem so difficult to make this happen?

Well, if your beliefs are anything like my beliefs was, you are probably thinking that dieting means so much trouble, will power and tormenting. You have to go hungry all day and when the evening comes you just don't have enough energy to cook food for your children and then put them to bed. Waking up the morning after and not really finding the motivation to keep going another day.

Stop! This is not what dieting is meant to be. Dieting should be fun and interesting. Of course, you should see less pounds on the scale every other day or so. Today, we don't have to feel like crap to do good. We could and should feel extremely well and you should feel an increase in stamina and concentration. Are there any diets working this way?

I don't have to tell you, but of course there is. Many of todays diets are not killers, actually you will feel better once you start the diet. The new diet is called calorie shifting diet. It doesn't starve you out, it won't make you rule certain food groups out and you don't have to read labels, weigh every calorie, no calculations and no upper limits. Do you see a but coming? There is a but, but it is only a small but. You have to cook your own meals from fresh groceries and you have to stop eating just short of full. Sounds easy? It is.

The purpose of this diet is not to starve every ounce of fat out, instead it affects your metabolism into burning fat better and at the same time your insulin level stabilizes and this prevents from putting new fat into the fat cells.

If you want to make the diet more effective you could combine it with exercising. There are new findings within the exercising area. Today there are more effective programs that take less time to use successfully.

Back to the dieting. In the calorie shifting diet you go on a diet for eleven days and then you get three free days. During the three free days you could eat whatever your heart desires but I recommend that you use some common sense, don't go to the local fast food bar or something like that. During the diet period you are given a diet that is based on the foods you like. Alcohol is allowed but only a glass of wine per day, no more. If you don't want to you don't need to consume any alcohol at all.

Jennifer Olsen was a master of failing at different diets. She understood that there were more to losing weight then just going on a diet. Today she has lost nearly 50 pounds with the calorie-shifting diet and meanwhile she has finished reading 'Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle' and she is implementing what she learned into daily activities.

She made a mini-site that gives examples of diets, complete fast weight loss diets and reviews of books that helped her stop living the unhealthy life and turning around into a more healthy life-style. If you are interested in learning more please Click Here!


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