Saturday, May 17, 2008

How To Lose 20 Pounds In Less Than 3 Weeks

Many people want to lose some weight fast for events, such as wedding, party or a reunion. If you find yourself wondering if you could lose 20 pounds of that stubborn fat but don't have a lot of time in which to pull off, read the rest of this article to find the solution to lose 20 pounds in less than 3 weeks.

There are 3 ways for losing 20 pounds of your weight in less than 3 weeks, let's discuss one-by-one:

1. You should consider a juice based detox diet to clean your body from harmful toxins and undigested food while they provide you with carbohydrates and sugars. However, this kind of diet is not suitable for you in the long run, but it should help you lose a lot of your weight in a short period of time and it can be extremely effective.

2. If you like exercise and can spare a little bit of your time, you can lose 20 pounds by performing some cardiovascular exercises over three weeks. I recommend you doing one hour of aerobic exercise for 5 days on each of the three weeks. Not just aerobics, you can also jog, power walk, cycle, swim or whatever you like for other alternatives. However, if you are playing tennis, basketball or taking some aerobic classes, they would tremendously help you lose those 20 pounds of your weight.

3. If you want to get rid of those unwanted weight fast, you should consider some fat binder pills. Fat binder will help you binds the fats and perfectly make them insoluble to pass into small intestine and absorbed by your body. Instead, they just pass through your digestive systems, and carry on as waste. It will tremendously help you in the long run.

I know that losing 20 pounds in less than three weeks is a hard task. However, if you believe in yourself and dedicating your self to put in a little effort, I'm pretty much positive that you can do it.

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