Saturday, May 17, 2008

How To Lose Belly Fat In Only 10 Minutes

I have been doing this for years folks. One of the most common questions I get at the gym while I'm training someone is "How Do I Lose Belly Fat"? It's simple I tell them and it really is. You just have to be consistent. That is the key to anything you do in life. It's called ambition. Let's start:

Minutes 1-5

1. Interval training. This is a process which keeps your metabolism high and makes it higher. You can apply this method to any aerobic workout. One example is walking. Let's say you walk for 10 seconds, you run for 20 seconds. Repeat this over and over until you are satisfied. Those 10 seconds of walking in between the runs give you a chance to "rest", therefore letting the body regroup itself and get used to the idea of running. It's great for your metabolism.

Minute 6

2. Sit-ups! The key to having a slimmer looking belly is excersizing your mid-section. You want to work those abdominal muscles. Do 10 regular sit-ups, 10 side-to-side situps, and 10 sit-ups with your feet off the ground. Do this every day and you can have that six-pack you've always dreamed of!

Minute 7

3. Push-ups. I don't think I need to explain this one. Just remember to keep your body straight and off the ground.

Minutes 8-10

4. Jump rope! Sounds like fun? It really is once you get going. When you're jumping, think about your fat just falling off. Your belly is getting smaller. Have this mentality, it is great and once you see results, it is an excellent feeling.

Follow those 4 excersizes for 10 minutes every day. Just 10 minutes! You don't have that much time? Then why did you sit here and read this whole article. Go now and get started! I urge you!

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