Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

If you have ever followed a diet regiment to lose weight you know the hardest part is to keep the weight off. You can lose weight fast by following a diet and doing exercise but you must understand that to keep it off you will need to make a few small changes in your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you:

At the start of of a diet the change in your diet may come as a drastic one. You will most likely not be looking forward to another meal of 'healthy' food. The biggest pitfall is to revert back to your old ways once you've achieved your weight loss goals. Instead of doing so, try spicing up your old diet meals. Garnish your meat with a low fat sauce, add a side dish of steamed vegetables, and from time to time treat yourself to a dessert. The key is to not overdo it. With time you will come to enjoy these types of meals and will lose the craving for greasy, fried and other high calorie foods. You should never keep any sweets or salty foods in the house. Eliminate all chips, ice cream, chocolate. You are still in a detoxification mode so there's no need for any more temptation.

Nobody likes to exercise and it is very easy to blow it off in favor of an extra 20 minutes sleep in the morning before work. Exercise doesn't have to mean going for a 6AM run, or doing a series of 50 crunches and lunges. Walking up the stairs instead of taking the escalator, taking a 20 minute walk after a meal, or doing aerobics for 20 minutes once or twice a week will help you to keep the weight off and doesn't have to interfered with your normal lifestyle.

To lose weight and keep it off requires a certain amount of effort and sacrifices and while there's nothing wrong with indulging from time to time, it helps to keep us sane, you need to control what you eat.

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