Sunday, May 25, 2008

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home With Calorie Shifting

Knives, Needles and Doctor - Oh My.

For many who are under the curse of obesity, the drastic solutions offered by the medical community seem to be the only hope. After all drastic times call for drastic measures right?

The fact is that many of the choices offered up by the medical community are really being offered by doctors-turned-marketers who are feeding into our human desire for quick fixes.

Remember Fen Phen?

Or have you heard about lap-band slippage?

Going under the knife or needle, or spending thousands on a month long "getaway" to the fat-farm are all very drastic and costly measures that may not be necessary.

Today's diets have delivered us away from needing doctor assisted weight control or even surgery in most cases. As the increase in scientific research gives us more insight into how the body burns fat and uses foods, better "user friendly" diets are becoming a reality - with some producing near miraculous results.

Where suffering under the scalpel was once considered the only means for the frustrated fat fighter to achieve a slimmer body, today science has given us the ability to transform food into an ally by causing your body to work for you, rather than against you. Now is the time when hunger pangs are no longer a reality, and a "gym-rat" lifestyle is no longer necessary.

For those of us looking for simple diets that we can use while living out normal lives, away from hospitals and fat farms, the search should be satisfied with diets using modern food shifting. These diets are also called calorie-shifting diets, but that title is a bit misleading because it is not the calories that are shifted, but rather the types of foods.

Aside from rapid fat loss, one of the top advantages of a food (or calorie) shifting diet are that portions out the window. Gone are the days of measuring and counting. The emphasis of this kind of diet is the "types" of foods that are consumed during a particular time frame.

Science has determined that our body responds to particular types of foods the same way it responds to particular types of chemicals (or drugs). Just as your body responds to specific drug dosing, dietary scientists are now able to determine your body's response to particular types of foods or even food combinations.

This has given a serious leg up on the diets of old, because now with proper choices of what we eat at any given time we are actually able to regulate the hormonal response that the body will have when those foods are consumed. Thus we can call into play hormones that will aid in the burning of our fat stores and bypass the hormones that aid in fat storage.

This produces the same types reactions that drug companies are shooting for when they develop the next great fat loss pill for zapping stubborn belly-fat -- or what ever else they claim to do. However, now the dieter can accomplish those hormonal responses at home without the concern for deleterious side effects of drugs, nor the worry about going under the knife.

This revolution of food cycling has finally put the power back in the hands of the dieters and giving a serious weapon in the battle of the bulge.

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