Friday, May 23, 2008

How to Lose Weight Fast

There are all sorts of short term things you can do to quickly drop some pounds but they are not feasible for the long term, of course. But the best way to lose weight quickly and for good is to eat small meals several times per day.

Do not have a set time to eat a meal. In other words if you have a regimental routine of eating, say every nine o'clock you eat breakfast, two o'clock lunch etc. Your body becomes used to this routine and always expect the fat for storage.

When you eat regularly, and at different times in small portions, your body does not store fat. It knows there is food right around the corner and does not store fat by thinking there is a famine. If you where to eat a food that contained 60 calories but our body uses 90 calories to digest that food then you will actually be 30 calories better off than before you ate the food. This is therefore a negative calorie.

Most food of course contain more calories than you would use to digest it and this is where the program comes in as they provide you with the full guide of the foods which will help the weight loss diet to work. The big question of course though is whether it actually works.

Using moderate weights does not result in huge muscle mass, but it increases the body metabolism, firms the body and gives a slim look. Aerobic exercises can enhance your heart beat rate and breathing. Most people employ just the cardio side of losing weight. Which it is not bad but it more works the heart and lungs. You must incorporate a muscle workout of some kind. This is missing factor with so many.

Skip fake foods and supplements, and eat real.

To make your healthy transformation easier, the first step is to change your thinking. Look at the whole picture. Sure, you may want to drop a few pounds of extra fat, but is that all? Do you want healthy, supple skin? How about more energy for doing fun activities? Would you like to enjoy gorgeous shiny hair? How about fewer bouts of influenza, constipation, or indigestion? What you put into your body directly effects how well or poorly it functions. Nutrients from supplements are generally not as complete as the nutrients found in foods, and supplements contain only the ones that have already been discovered by scientists.

Focus on adding more nutritious foods to your diet, and don't dwell on depriving yourself of less nutritious, calorie rich foods.

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