Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to Lose Weight

It's not easy to figure out the "magic" formula on how to lose weight. It is a challenge for many of us, since we all have an individual path to the quickest weight loss. Any diet should have a foundation of proper diet and exercise, which will not only help you lose weight, but will also keep you healthy, and when you're healthy, you look better too.

You can use these simple guidelines, which have successfully been used by others:

You will need:

- Cookbooks for healthy meals.

- Your food, diet, and exercise journals.

- Stock up on healthy foods.

Step 1:

Take small steps. If you want to lose 40 pounds or so, decide what increments you can live with, say losing 5, 10, or 20 pounds, and take a breather in between.

Step 2:

Stick with foods you enjoy. Learn to prepare them in healthful ways. The more you are enjoying what you are eating, the more likely it is that you will continue on the path to making wiser food choices, and will shed those pounds!

Step 3:

Put a lot of fiber into your diet. High fiber content keeps you full longer. Lower calorie fiber foods would include vegetable pastas, popcorn (without the butter), oatmeal, and many vegetables are high in fiber, such as celery.

Step 4:

Start an exercise program. If you can't do a sit-up, start out with stretches and touch your toes. Pick exercises you can live with, and build up to as many exercises in one session as you can. If you detest exercising, dancing is a form of exercise too.

Step 5:

Carry healthy snacks with you at all times to avoid the pitfall of buying fast food or eating out of vending machine when you are starving!

Fast weight loss is harder to maintain. Remember that when you lose weight gradually, you are more apt to keep the weight off for good. The conventional wisdom for optimum weight loss is one-half to 1-1/2 pounds per week.

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