Saturday, May 17, 2008

Is The South Beach Diet Just Rubbish?

In the multi million pound diet industry, the South Beach is one of the latest best sellers. This means it's worthy of examination, because many people will go out and buy it on the hype and publicity rather than a real understanding, so let's take a look...

The first thing to note about the South Beach diet by Arthur Agatston is that it claims in its' title to give you foolproof plan for fast and healthy weight loss - well that's a concern for a start, because healthy weight loss is not fast, the two don't go together.

It also claims not to be just another low carb diet, but the whole initial weight loss is based on, yep you guessed it, low carbs! The argument is put forward about how carbs effect blood sugar levels, but not only is this debatable, the initial weight loss will come about from simple calorie reduction, whatever the effect of carbs.

Of course what happens to initial weight loss once that low carb period ends? It goes right back again of course, as it was mostly water loss. A waste of time.

As for the longer term plan, although the diet says you won't have to worry about feeling hungry or portion size, it then goes on to repeatedly mention portion size - so which is right?

It's not a great plan, the South Beach, it really isn't.

Cutting out carbs will see a big reduction in calories, which will see an initial weight loss, yes. They are facts you don't have to get this book to know. You'll also know that this isn't something that's sustainable, which is the sign of a good diet.

There are plenty of worse books out there, but if you never buy the South Beach, you won't be missing out on a life changer that's for sure.

Would I call it total rubbish? Well in my view, the fundamentals are wrong, the science is debatable and studies are not referenced in the book, so my view would be to keep your money, and pass on the South Beach diet.

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