Saturday, May 24, 2008

Liver Detox Diet

You probably know by now that the liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. It's the body's natural filter that helps convert toxins into substances that can be discarded easily. Therefore, to have a healthy body, it is of vital importance that we keep this important organ in good condition. A healthy liver means a healthy body. One of the ways to help maintain your liver in good working condition is to go on a liver detox diet.

Since the liver is the first to receive toxins that enter the body, it has one of the highest toxin accumulations in the body. While the liver's main task is to clean the toxins and other wastes that are absorbed by the bloodstream in the body, the liver does not always able to discard hard substances such as heavy metals. Some of these toxins don't end up leaving the body and then what will happen is that there will be a type of toxin buildup throughout the body, especially the liver. Therefore, it is more important to detox the liver than detoxification of any other body system. The objective of a liver detox diet is to cleanse the liver of all the toxic wastes that have stagnated in the liver over the years.

A liver detox diet involves a person restricting oneself to organic foods such as raw vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The 2 ingredients that the liver needs in order to function properly are water and glucose. These ingredients aid the body's system to get rid of accumulated toxins. So, drinking a lot of water helps as it helps to flush toxins out of your system. A person on a liver detox diet must avoid foods that are not liver friendly such as fried and processed foods, sugar, coffee and saturated fats.

All in all, a complete liver detoxification will help to restore functionality to the liver as well as to the rest of the body. All of the body's organs are vitally important to maintaining a healthy body, but cleansing your liver will help the most! If you're experiencing poor health, aching body, tired most of the time, go on a liver detox diet.

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