Friday, May 23, 2008

Lose Weight Permanently - No. 10 - Cut Out Fats

You have made a great decision to go on a diet and lose that weight. But how do you give up the things you love? It can be so hard cruel even! But, the fact is that some foods make you fat and there is no place for them. So, when you start this diet, make sure you eliminate more fat from your diet.

Limiting fatty food intake will help in a weight loss program. Fat is, well, fattening. It is the scourge of people that need to lose weight. It may taste nice but it is no good for you. Nearly everything that contains fat will not only make you gain weight (or make it more difficult to lose weight) but will also add to your overall health risk (heart and blood vessel disease).

Fat has 9 calories per gram and proteins and carbohydrates have only 4 calories per gram. So it makes sense to avoid fat if at all possible. Try to cut down on fatty meat, butter, cooking oil and such like. Those nice cakes and pastries you love so much are out. Live with it there will be long term benefits if you can stick it out.

Foods that contain less fat are also, in general, healthier foods. They can look nice, smell nice and taste nice. They do not give you the health risks that fats can and, in addition, they can help with other things such as vitamin levels and daily roughage.

So, cut out fats and fattening foods and your diet will be well on the way to a successful outcome.

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