Monday, May 26, 2008

Master Cleanser Weight Loss - Make it Last

The Master Cleanser weight loss plan has gotten a lot of hype lately, but it's actually been around a long time. With some Hollywood starlets extolling its virtues, many everyday folks are now giving the Lemonade Diet a try. Weight loss is fast and furious when you are consuming only this spicy lemonade concoction. The obvious question then is does the weight loss last?

If you are doing this particular lemonade fast just for weight loss you must be aware of a few key points. First and foremost look at the Master Cleanser weight loss as the first step. If you in need of dropping some weight, you'll notice a pretty substantial loss once you've completed the program. Your clothes will be looser and you'll have a smile on your face when you step on the scale. If you want to reap these weight loss benefits into the future you've got to make a promise to yourself not to go back to your unhealthy eating habits. The weight loss you enjoy while you are on the Master Cleanse can be permanent if you adopt a new healthier lifestyle.

A big part of success with the Master Cleanser comes from a new attitude. Once you've experienced the initial weight loss from drinking only the lemonade you should design a healthy eating plan that you know you can stick to long term. For most people this means a good balance between fresh ingredients and lean protein. It can be difficult to exercise while you are following the Master Cleanse Detox, but afterwards try your best to make exercise a part of your weekly routine. If you're not one for heading to the gym, take a walk around the block, or purchase a treadmill to use at home. Dancing is even a great form of exercise and all you need for that is some of your favorite music.

In addition to the maple syrup, cayenne pepper and fresh lemons, water makes up the biggest component of the program. Keep the habit of drinking water throughout the day even when the cleanser is over. Water is essential to helping flush out fat and toxins. If you tire easily of plain water, a little twist of lemon juice and you've got a great refreshing and familiar treat.

Once you've experienced the Master Cleanser weight loss you'll be pumped and ready to continue to lose weight. Nothing feels quite as fulfilling as looking in the mirror and seeing your body shrinking. Long term, we all want to be healthy, and being at our optimal weight is a great first step towards that.

On average, you can expect to lose between 15-20 lbs in just 14 days on the Master Cleanse. You can change the way your body looks and the way you feel. To find out how to get the best results possible from this proven weight loss method visit How to Succeed on the Master Cleanse.

It's not just about drinking lemonade!


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