Sunday, May 18, 2008

Natural Healthy Weight Loss

The secret to achieving healthy weight loss is changing your diet and walking.

That simple statement is basically all you need to know for a successful weight loss program. One would think that this simple guideline would be easy enough to follow. Unfortunately, this is not true for about 35% of all Americans who are incapable of losing weight and keeping it off.

It is true that once we are overweight that we wish to lose it for a couple of reasons. Some are interested in improved health and others wish to look better.

An important point to consider is that it is never too late to lose weight. It is a known fact that the majority of those attempting to lose weight usually stray. The tendency is to return to old eating patterns and to return to sedentary ways.

Despite all that it is possible to lose weight in a healthy manner and to keep it off permanently. The significance of extra weight is much more than cosmetic. It takes a significant toll on your health.

The Way To Lose Weight Is Naturally

The basics of maintaining your proper weight is not complicated. Truth be told, much of it is common sense. That which you don't know can be easily learned. Losing weight in a natural manner, in reality, should not be difficult at all.

A reasonable approach to losing weight is to transform your diet. This is quite different from dieting. What you wish to accomplish is a lifestyle change that you can implement for the rest of your life.

The most practical diet for losing weight and maintaining your health should consist of complex carbohydrates (whole grains), high in fiber (whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit), moderate in protein and low in fat.

As for activity, I'm not fond of exercise programs for most people. It is true that for a segment of the population that they can join a gym and dedicate themselves to a regular fitness program. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to most of us. However, walking on a regular basis is something that is available to most people. It is low impact, has great benefits and is easy to incorporate into our daily routine.

Another misconception is eating several, smaller meals is an effective means to starve off hunger. In reality, this doesn't work and is harmful to our digestive system.

The healthy approach is to eat three, wholesome meals per day. While you're at it, eat as much as you wish. The caveat here is to chew your food extremely well. When you chew your food extremely well you gain these benefits. 90% of your food will be pre-digested in your mouth. It will eliminate some of the burden on your stomach and digestive tract. You will absorb the nutrition from your food much easier and be satisfied sooner.

Natural weight loss is a lifestyle process, not a fad. It requires setting goals, but not the goals that you may think. The goal is to alter your habits. Once this is accomplished your weight loss will be effortless. Just as important, you will be healthier and will feel better.

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