Saturday, May 17, 2008

Natural Weight Loss with Raw Foods

If you want natural weight loss and improve your health, then consider a raw food diet as an option. There are many benefits including a stronger immune system.

Many believe that a raw vegan diet is the natural diet for humans. It seems like people on raw food diets can eat almost as much as they want and still maintain a healthy weight.

Cavemen didn't eat cooked foods until after they learned how to use fire. Once they begin using fire they slowly incorporated cooked foods into their diet.

This appears to make sense. Raw foods contain all the natural enzymes that assist you to completely digest your food without putting excessive strain on your body. Cooked foods have most if not all of the enzymes destroyed. Even some raw food is processed to death making for a sad substitute for proper food.

We are all aware of the hormones, preservatives and other unhealthy additives that are in our foods today. This is a significant reason to try to eat organic foods as well.

People on raw food diets seem to be healthier, happier and hardly catch a cold. You do have to make sure you have enough vit-b12 though. Have this checked and take a supplement if necessary.

One healthy food that may be particularly good in helping with weight loss is parsnips. They are high in fiber which makes you feel fuller. Parsnips can lower cholesterol and keep your blood sugar even.

If you definitely want to lose weight and keep it off, then you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. This means a natural diet and exercise. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Only on those Geico comercials will you see a caveman taking an escalator instead of hoofing it.

Make sure you include healthy oils and fats that contains omega 3. Stay away from the unhealthy ones. Avocados also contain healthy oils.

Even if you can't cut out all cooked foods and meats, try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Continue on this path and you will start to feel great and wonder why you haven't started this long ago.

After the cavemen discovered fire they had to chase their dinner. They even had to run from their so-called dinners at times. Before they ate meat they had to thoroughly search for other food. I suppose they exercised a bit more than we do today.

Walking, running, swimming and jogging are some of the ways to exercise more. Maybe those cavemen aren't receiving all the credit they deserve after all.

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