Friday, May 16, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again, when many people in the United States start making New Year's resolutions. Many times, these are related to weight and health or fitness. There is always a tendency to overeat and eat things that aren't necessarily good for you during the holidays.

What happens this year will be the same thing that invariably happens every year: lots of people will join gyms. Many will also start new diets. Unfortunately for most, by February, the new exercise routines and diets will already be history, and all of the old habits will have crept back into their lives.

The biggest problem is that the new routines are such a radical change from the old ones that each person has trouble keeping up. Change is better when it is gradual, or done in a way that doesn't interfere too much with the old routine. If you want the results, you have to make the changes.

There are lots of little ways to adjust your eating and exercise habits. Subtle ways of change that you barely notice, but add up to more fitness and pounds lost over time. In my new e-book, Simple Weight Loss ( I discuss many easy to implement ways to lose weight and get fit, while barely noticing the changes to your lifestyle.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is your perception of yourself. You have probably gotten used to what you look like, and whether you like it or not, that's what you see in your mind. You have to visualize constantly what you will look like after the changes. Professional athletes have been using visualization for years to improve themselves. In a less-extreme way, you can do that for yourself. Once you have changes your view of what you should look like, then the weight loss and fitness goals will come much easier.

Michael Mallory is a photographer and fitness enthusiast located in Richmond Virginia. His work can be seen at His e-book can be found at


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