Friday, May 23, 2008

Permanent Weight Loss: 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever noticed that diets dont work? Oh, sure, you may lose weight, but it boomerangs right back, and with a vengeance. Then you feel guilty, weak, frustrated, and like a hopeless failureone more time.

Diets are designed to fail. They are too restrictive, too loaded with fat and cholesterol, and too empty of life-saving nutrients.

Besides that, they leave you hungry.

Guess what? You cant fight your hunger drive. Just like your thirst instinct, your hunger instinct keeps you alive, and it will win every time. If youre hungry, sooner or later youll eat, and often the very same foods that trap you in the layers you hate.

How about jumping off the diet-go-round and trying this. Fill-up on the best-for-you foods first that are calorie-low (yeah! permanent weight loss) and nutrient-dense to prevent scary diseases like cancer, diabetes type 2, heart disease, and strokes: whole, unrefined fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans, our health heroes and disease warriors.

Here are 5 simple guidelines to losing weight forever:

1. Think addition, not subtraction. Dont go to that place of deprivation, like having to give up meat.

2. Add 10+10 again and again. Get those fresh fruits and vegetables in you every day.

3. Fill-up on premium foods before eating other foods. Dont even think about which foods you may naturally gravitate away from because you simply dont have enough room in your stomach or the desire (believe it or not) to eat them.

4. Ask yourself, Does this food feed me or deplete me? If you dont know, just ask yourself, Which foods prevent cancer? Answer: whole, fresh fruits and vegetables. Okay, then eat them FIRST! Remind yourself that there are choices and consequences.

5. Follow the Dr. Leslie Casual/Dress-Up Rule or 80/20 Rule. Eat impeccably 80% of the time and the rest of the timedont worry about it.

Satisfy your hunger drive and your desire to get down to the size you long to be. Feel good about YOUonce and forever!

Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a health motivational speaker, writer, and lifestyle coach. Visit for more inspiration.


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