Friday, May 16, 2008

The Proven Scientific "Action And Reaction" Solution To Weight Loss

How many different diets, exercise programs and/or "pills" have you tried in your never-ending goal to lose weight... but nothing ever seems to work or last long-term? There is one specific reason why, and you'll discover the proven scientific "Action/Reaction" solution to easier, faster and long-term weight loss -- especially stubborn fat!

Many so-called experts will say the cause of weight gain (especially in those stubborn fat areas) is due to a lack of will power ... hence, you're "eating too much" or "not exercising enough". But, this is not true and that's not the main cause. Of course, there are people who barely eat anything and have to struggle to lose just one pound and the minute they "relax" a little with their diet (like go on vacation for a week or around the holidays), they immediately gain 5 lbs in just a few days and it takes them weeks to lose it.

It's not fair but there is a scientific reason for it.

1. Genetics - even though we can't "change" it, there are definite ways of improving your genetics - so don't worry, because I'll show you how in a few minutes.

2. Hormones - this goes back to #1 with genetics - which we can alter and optimize naturally.

3. Age - this goes back to #2, which then goes back to #1 - and yes, we can improve all this, and you don't have to be a slave to the problems and limitations of getting "older".

4. Life-Style

Managing stress, eating habits, exercise, sleep, etc.

Most people focus on #4 - which has to do with your life-style. But this is the least important of all the above mentioned factors when it comes to quick and long-term results. By all means, you should improve your life-style for health reasons, and I'll give you quick tips on this. But if you want any diet or exercise program to work, and if you want long-lasting and permanent results, then you have to focus on optimizing and improving your hormones because the most important factor in how you look & feel, as well as your overall "Fat-to-Muscle" ratio is ... YOUR HORMONES!

Your body is constantly fighting against you to keep the fat, due to thousands of years of pre-historic "survival" mechanisms. Remember, up until 30 years ago, for millions of years food had been scarce and hard to find. The minute you reduce calories or exercise too much, your body goes into "panic" mode, freaks out thinking you are "starving to death" and does everything it can to keep the fat and burn away the muscle instead.

Why lose muscle? ... Because muscle requires too much energy and calories to survive. Therefore, in order to make any diet and exercise program more effective, you must first optimize your fat burning hormones, or progress always stops within a couple of weeks, as your body "adapts" and changes to "survival mode". Regardless of what kind of diet or exercise program someone followed (or didn't), positive results would happen much faster and additionally, they would stay around almost permanently!

If you want to safely and quickly lose that stubborn fat, reduce your appetite and cravings for sugars and fats, have more NATURAL energy to help you get through your hectic days and your workouts and do it all WITHOUT negative side-effects or jittery feelings -- then take your first step today and take action.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Sam Robbins has been passionate about the human body and mind. He believes that a person's mental outlook plays a very important role in their overall health and well-being. Dr. Robbins has worked with numerous nutritional companies, including Met-Rx, EAS & Life Extension, as well as having the privilege of working with pharmaceutical innovators such as Upjohn and Eli Lilly. His areas of expertise include nutrition, exercise physiology, natural hormone re-balancing of the body and what he refers to as "real world" medical knowledge. He has dramatically changed client's health and mental well-being, allowing them to look and feel years younger. Find out how at


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