Friday, May 16, 2008

The Secret Of How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy

Everyone goes on a diet sometime. Whether it's for a day, a week, a month, or a year, odds are that at one time or other you will need to shift a few stubborn kilos in order to feel better about yourself. That's where knowing the secret of how to lose weight fast and easy comes in.

Dieting is an industry that makes millions. Actually no, it makes hundreds of millions of pounds every year. Why? Because no-one wants to follow the age-old equation that hard work and exercise plus a good diet equals weight loss. Everyone wants to know the secret. Who wants to work for it if there is a way to shift the weight quicker and more easily?

So, fad diets, packaged foods, vitamin drinks, specially-designed clothing, weight reduction pills, and home exercise equipment (usually easily stored away) are sold on a massive scale. If there's a trick or a knack that will help shed those kilos, the masses want to know. That's where the money lies, in people's desperation to know how to do this.

However, you need not spend millions to learn the secret of how to lose weight fast and easy. In fact, it's no so much a secret as a change in attitude. It comprises five different aspects, each as important as the other and needless to say, that if you follow it rigidly, you will have learnt how to do it.

Firstly, you have to change your way of thinking. By thinking or saying "I'm on a diet" automatically you place yourself under stress and temptation to break it. It's like someone saying "Don't look down" when you're up high - as soon as the words have been said you have an overwhelming urge to look down.

Instead, you should be thinking, "I'm changing my eating habits" which is a lot less daunting and much easier to actually do. Changing your eating habits can take place immediately and provide instant results.

For example, replace salad cream with a little olive oil and lemon juice; white bread with brown; boiled vegetables with raw ones; fruit juice and soft drink with water; fried food with grilled food; and sugar with honey.

In this way, you have not deprived yourself of anything, nor cut down the amounts of food you are eating, but with very little effort, you have reduced major sources of fat and calories.

Secondly, you need to change the way you spend your energy. The idea of replacing taking a lift with walking up the stairs is unbearable if you have to go to the 30th floor, however, if it's just one floor, then chances are it's no more than 25 steps, which is not so bad.

By improving your food intake, and increasing your energy output - even by just a little - it's logical that you will lose weight. How much weight you lose and over how long a period of time will just depend on how rigidly you stick to these two criteria, neither of which is particularly difficult in its own right.

In reality, no-one wants to work really hard for a very long time, however if you know that it's going to be for less than 15 minutes, it can seem a lot more bearable. E-books such as "12 Minutes to Fit and Fabulous" available from are a cheap way to learn how to lose weight fast and easy.


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