Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shoot Professional Videos With Sony Digital Video Camera

Gone are the days when home videos were shot with the old eight millimeter film cameras. Higher public demands along with more sophisticated technologies made it possible to shoot a home movie on a professional level. The new family of Sony digital video cameras of high definition with 30 gigabyte hard drive allow producing superb quality on your new high definition television or home computer.

You can even share your valuable movies with others with a quick transfer to disk by creating high definition DVDs to share with family and friends. The new Sony digital video camera, model HDR-UX1 can also record movies directly to your digital video recorder and includes a four mega-pixel still camera capability to complete your picture-taking experience.

The tricky part about recording video in AVCHD format digital video cameras is that in case the video is copied to a DVD, it will not play in all DVD players. Not only that if not played on a compatible Blu-Ray Disk player/recorder it may fail to eject, or even may be erased. The greatest advantage of the Sony digital video camera is its capability to record in this format, and also in MPEG2, which is compatible with most DVD recorders/players.

The Sony digital video camera model HDR-UX1 features a 10X optical zoom and an 80X digital zoom for extreme close-ups; costing about $1,400, it is a great item to take on vacations or for other important family gatherings.

For those with a more modest budget there is a Sony digital video camera for under $300. Of course, it may lack some features and high definition capabilities, but it definitely makes Sony the leader in home and family video. Sonys newest offering of hard drive capable video cameras is enabling the company to continue promoting itself as a leader in digital video camera production.

If you own a Sony digital video camera, you can make your own movies! Thanks to its compatibility with most video editing software, your videos can be edited on a professional level, and you dont need to be a professional for that. As high-definition transmissions of movies and network broadcasts enhance sales of HD televisions, the addition of HD home video cameras will soon follow in popularity.

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