Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Simple Truth Behind How To Successfully Lose Weight

Now I hate to do this but you need to hear the truth, there will be no more messing about as the time has come for you to lose weight. Yes I know you have tried before but that did not work did it? All of those half hearted efforts are in the past, now we are going to lose weight the successful, there will be no stones left unturned, we will achieve our goals. It may not be pretty but it will ultimately prove to be successful.

How many times have you attempted to lose weight simply by eating less food? This would be a superb plan if only you could keep to it. I have attempted to lose weight in this way a number of times. I start really well, can even go two weeks hardly eating anything but then it all goes down hill. Let's face it this form of weight loss plan does not work.

Let us now cut to the chase, what is required is exercise. Why? This is how the concept works had has worked for me. About a year ago I decided to give it a real go, I was going to definitely lose weight this time. The plan was to cut down on my food consumption but to also exercise. Every day I did one hundred sit ups, one hundred press ups, spent half an hour on the exercise bike and did some weights (dumb bells). This is hard graft and takes a real effort and determination to keep it up each and every day.

After doing all of that exercise there was absolutely no way I was then going to start eating fatty types of food. What I am trying to say is that the exercise gave me the will power to cut down on what I was eating.

Progress it has to be said was slow, but progress there was. After around three months of exercising in this way, I was looking and feeling superb. I have to admit that I did miss the odd day of exercising, but boy did I feel guilty for it.

In conclusion the hard truth of the matter is, if you want to lose weight, you will need to exercise.

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