Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vitamins To Aid In Weight Loss!

We cannot pick out vitamins specifically for weight loss but we can certainly look at certain vitamins that may help you. For weight loss to take place we need a number of vitamins to act in synergy with each other for the effect of weight loss to take place.

Some of the vitamins to aid in weight loss are: The B Group of vitamins such as B2, B3, B6, Choline and Inositol ( part of the B-complex ) and finally Vitamin C. It is important to pick a vitamin that has the required dosage in the right amounts.

Do You Sweat More Because Of Lack Of Vitamins?

The main reason why some people sweat more than others is due to genetics. Genetics controls the activity of your sweat glands and this is why you will see some people sweat or literally drip with perspiration while others may seem they have not done anything after an hour of exercise.

Besides genetics the level of physical activity also plays an important part. A person who is less fit will not sweat as much as a person who exercises regularly. The body uses the process of sweating to reduce body heat. Similar to an animal which may hang its tongue out on a hot afternoon. Fitter people respond quicker to changes in temperatures than their less fit counter parts.

So do vitamins help you sweat more? The answer is they help you to maintain your body functions at the optimum levels. Remember that sweating is mainly genetic and depends on your level of fitness. Remember to take a lot of liquids as you will need to replace what you have lost in sweat.

Chart Of Vitamins In Fruit And Vegetables

There are a number of websites on the internet where you can access charts with details on vitamins. When you are looking at a certain vitamin to take it is prudent you look at five crucial factors: completeness, balance, potency, purity and safety. These five points are very important if you wish to get the most from your vitamin.

Vitamins and Nutrients Of Red Meat

Lean red meat is rich in nutrients that help with optimum health. Lean red meats contribute to the haem iron in our diet. This source of iron is higher than that of plants. Zinc and omega 3 is also present in lean meat. In fact the next biggest source of omega 3 besides fish is from lean meat. All the essential amino proteins come from red meat. Selenium, Vitamin D and the B-Complex group of vitamins are also present in red meat.

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