Monday, May 26, 2008

Weight Loss Exercise Programs - The Single Best One You Can Do Bar None

When it comes to losing weight, there is no quicker way than combining diet with exercise but then I'm sure you already know that. What you might not know is that there is only one single best way to lose weight bar none. Discover this great technique in this article.

I'll get straight to the point - the single fastest weight loss exercise is HIIT, also known as High Impact Interval Training. Let's dissect this - the "high impact" means that this is at rapid pace, not a walk in the park. The "interval training" means that this is not a constant rate, you keep varying it.

So What Does HIIT Look Like Then?

First of all you should start in the morning on an empty stomach, this way you'll be burning fat only and not food. Then jog quickly (not slowly) for 20 seconds. Then run as fast as you can i.e. sprint, for 20 seconds. And when I say as fast as you can, I mean as if you were running for your life and no matter what, you cannot run any faster. The go back to jogging and repeat between this and sprinting. This sounds really tough doesn't it? Read on and you'll realise that it isn't.

Well there are two great bonuses to HIIT. First of all, you only need to do it for a total of 15 minute per day. Yes, only 15 minutes! Although you push yourself hard, there is no need to work out for any longer than you need to. Sure beats a one hour workout doesn't it? The next great thing is that not only do you burn fat whilst doing the exercise but you also continue to burn fat during the day and at a much greater rate than for any other type of exercise.

So how does HIIT work? Well obviously, the "high impact" aspect means you burn more but the "interval training" aspect means that your body and its metabolism never quite gets used to the exercise and is always trying to react but never can. The result is that you burn a ton of weight.

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