Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weight Loss Exercise Programs - What You Need to Know

While it is true that several popular diets are far superior to their counterparts, at some point in your weight loss regimen you are going to WANT to incorporate the magical benefits of a good exercise program into your life. Regardless of how much weight they may have lost, or how good they feel about themselves otherwise, I can't think of one woman (or man) I know who hasn't amped up the energy, or effort, with a great regular workout!

The following small points are very important, and things you need to know before choosing.

First - make sure you have a partner, or workout buddy. Just like we recommend and provide support for you while you are dieting, so too do I recommend you find someone to work out with. Not only does it provide the all important motivational factor, it also helps with accountability, which is a huge part of progress across the board.

Second, make sure you pick the right workout for you, right now. Don't choose the exercise plan you would have done in high school when you were on the gymnastics team just yet..:-) Work up and out to the appropriate level of fitness that the workout calls for. Remember, you can always move up and ahead as you accelerate your exercise and level of flexibility and overall fitness. You don't want to have to move backwards...which often is the result of an accident, or overexertion before you are ready - and I've seen some people make some pretty bad mistakes in this regard.

And always, set goals. You are already goal setting with your weight loss and you see how well that is working out, right? Do the same thing with your exercise routine. Give yourself definitive metrics, x amount of pushups by this date, y amount of minutes on the treadmill, running on the beach, whatever it is that you will be doing. Concrete goals are tantamount to achievement, and like everything else I preach, if you don't set them you most likely won't make them!

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