Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weight Loss For Busy Parents - The EZLoser Way

Parenthood is an exciting time to play with your kids, take them places, and teach them all your knowledge, as long as you don't teach them to be overweight. It is also a difficult time to balance schedules, push your career forward and get a good night's sleep. We spend less time on ourselves which makes the weight creep up. Moms have a battle with weight gain soon after giving birth but Dads also feel the pressure to stay busy with work while still providing quality time with their families.

How did life get so complicated and why does it interfere with weight loss efforts? A short list would include:

Lack of time to exercise

Childcare issues interfering with exercise

Lack of financial resources to purchase gym memberships or home equipment

Resuming exercise after a long time off can be painful and discouraging

Time spent shuffling kids back and forth from school and activities

Less time to shop and prepare healthy meals while more time is spent in the drive thru

Kids are picky eaters and nutrition information is confusing

Work schedules are more demanding

Stress prevents weight loss due to hormonal and immune system disruptions

More errands, yard work, and fix it jobs

Lack of energy when all of the day's chores are finally finished

Busy parents often feel depressed when they think about their poor health yet feel guilty thinking they might neglect their children if they take time for themselves.

If these situations sound familiar, it is very common to feel overwhelmed enough to push weight loss goals on to the back burner. The usual grocery store gossip doesn't help either. How often do parents hear their peers tell them their age is a factor and it is so much harder to lose weight after children come along? Because parents want to be good examples for their children the internet becomes great problem solver.

Busy parents need a weight loss tool that is not complicated and takes very little time to organize. The internet can be a great help by immediately taking away some of the financial and time constraints listed above. Health education available online is a time saver compared to driving to classes or doctors' offices which takes time away from family. Anonymous support on internet discussion boards can prevent embarrassment for those who are shy about their weight loss struggles. Real people can share their real experiences a few minutes each day encouraging participants to stay focused.

The rewards will benefit the entire family giving children healthier, energized and enthusiastic parents. A few searches on the internet with the right keywords will guide busy parents to the type of website that meets their needs. The Numbers Don't Lie Diet is one program from a mother's point of view who experienced a weight problem when her first child was born.

With a common sense approach tracking progress on the internet puts weight loss success at your fingertips making any busy parent an EZLoser.

Dr. Lisa Ann Homic is a chiropractor, mental health counselor, and wellness coach in Auburn, NY. She wrote "The Numbers Don't Lie Diet" and "Happiness Doesn't Get Enough Attention: How Thought Sparks Ignite Your Life."



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