Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weight Loss Programs Easier with Pain Pleasure Feelings or Statements

Use your frustrations as Motivators to lose weight and get back to what you enjoyed before! You can do it!

What are you not doing now that you would do if you were at your ideal weight? Make a list and start thinking on these things as the list can create can turn into a great motivator to get your life back to enjoying yourself at or near your ideal weight.

Do you have clothes in your closet that you used to love to wear and felt that you looked great in? If so, you can turn the emotions of frustration that you feel into a great motivator to help you lose weight.

Do you miss out on activities because you don't feel you look good? Do you have clothes in your closet that you are frustrated about because they no longer fit you? These can motivate you!

Get that special outfit that you no longer fit into out of the closet. Hang it over a door or drape it over a chair where you can look at it often. When you look at it do NOT let yourself feel shame. Just let yourself 'feel' how you felt when you used to fit into that special dress or sweater or jacket, or whatever item of clothing. How did you feel then? How will you feel if you lose enough weight to fit into that again? Keep your thoughts "positive". Don't dwell on feeling bad because you've gained weight. Congratulate yourself that you will fit into that item of clothing again. Start putting yourself mentally into those activities you enjoyed in those items of clothing. And start feeling positive emotions that will motivate you to lose the weight to enjoy those or other activities again.

If people used to compliment you - OR if you used to compliment yourself and feel good about the way you looked in the mirror in an item of clothing, "replay" those feelings of how that felt and how that will feel again when you lose the weight to look good in that item of clothing or new clothing that is similar that you will want to buy again when you lose the weight that you want to lose.

You can enjoy similar times again. And your weight loss can be made easier with Herbalife products for meal replacements, appetite suppressants, vitamins, and other nutritional support.

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