Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Weight Loss Secret - How To Use Exercises For Weight Loss!

The often neglected but crucial aspect of every weight loss program is exercise. While assisting with the rate of weight loss, exercise primarily trains the body to release and burn fats for energy and adds a good muscle tone.

Modifying the diet with the addition of exercise to the regimen works wonders for people following various weight loss programs.

Exercise helps control blood sugar levels without bringing insulin into play. Exercise also helps the body develop the ability to mobilize fat stores for energy. It raises the metabolic rate for a sustained period of time and also helps in increasing the production of enzymes that pull fat out from storage. The positive effects of exercise are many. Maintenance of lean tissues and raised basal metabolic rate continues long after exercise is discontinued.

In fact, many experts believe that achieving weight loss through exercising is much more effective when compared to dieting.

People who diet without exercising mostly lose water and some muscle too. What happens is, when you are on a diet and not eating enough food, your body fights back. However, if you exercise for at least 30 minutes daily, you will burn fat and retain muscle. You may not even have to cut down on food, fat is burned through exercise at a fast rate and quick weight loss is achieved.

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