Friday, May 16, 2008

Weight Loss with Slim Fast

Slim fast has been around for several years and now has a new look. They have added food items to there product list. They now have snack bars to help you make it through the day. Probably the most significant thing they are marketing is a new dieting concept

Slim fast is moving from a diet plan that was primarily to help lose a few vanity pounds. They have introduced an aggressive diet plan to help those who need to lose more than a few vanity pound. After reviewing there revised diet plan, I like the new plan much better. I have been fairly active all my life and the thought of going though a half a day on a souped up milk shake didn't set to well with me. Their new dieting philosophy appears to recognize that problem. The slim fast shake is not a stand alone meal any more although they call their shake a meal on the run. They also seem to be suggesting several small meals during the day. This several small meals concept has been around for quite some time and has gained acceptance with some dietitians. In between their low calorie meals they recommend snacking on the specially formulated snack bars to suppress any hunger.

Their shake mixes and snack bars are formulated to provide many necessary nutrients and vitamins. I was encouraged to see their recommended food suggestion to be eaten along with the shake. Slim Fast has available suggested diet plans that take into consideration your height, weight and the number of pounds that need to be shed. There is also a planning and tracking system to plan out your meals and record what you have done.

If you are dieting or plan to diet, Slim Fast has a system that could be a big benefit. This is no longer a crash diet as I once thought Slim Fast was. Slim Fast has stood the test of time and it looks as though they are expanding. The test of time means they are still getting results. They have a interesting and very informative website. Check it out at

When dieting or considering a diet, pay close attention to the amount of dietary fiber available. Select those foods that are high in dietary fiber. Green vegetables and grains are a good source as they contain varying amounts of dietary fiber.

Dieting with Slim Fast has improved. They are also suggesting that you alter your life style to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. They have a good plan.

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