Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's The Best Exercise For You?

There are many types of exercise programs to include: building muscle, losing weight, increasing stamina, improving heart or lung problems, etc. But there is only one unique exercise that stimulates every cell in your body.

The exercise is rebounding!

While being easy and fun to do, it has a tremendously favorable impact on your immune system. This in turn can lead to many far reaching benefits such as an increase in stamina, mental clarity, better vision and balance, decrease in back or joint pain, and a host of other health improvements.

Rebounding data collected and presented by leading health experts has been confirmed by NASA and the United States Air Force, among other reliable organizations.

With the advent of the mini trampoline in recent years, you now can easily place this simple piece of equipment in your home or office. People who exercised on a mini trampoline for 15-30 daily have discovered the far reaching benefits of rebounding.

Even if you bounce up and down without your feet leaving the trampoline, you can enjoy the benefits of this exercise. It can be used by children, senior citizens, pregnant women, and even people recovering from an injury or illness. Professional athletes can also do this exercise at a higher level of intensity.

You can join a health club that provides all kinds of equipment to include stationary bikes, treadmills, indoor tracks, bar bells, etc. at a monthly cost in the neighborhood of $20-30 a month, or with a modest investment in a mini trampoline, you could achieve some significant health benefits in the comfort of your home or office.

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