Thursday, May 29, 2008

Worried About Weight Loss After Pregnancy?

Well you can now stop worrying about all those extra pounds that you will put on during pregnancy. New generation moms can easily get back their pre-pregnancy figure within a year.. With the right daily regime, workouts and a good diet; now getting pregnant does not mean getting fat.

However the right diet does not mean that you start dieting right after you deliver. Whether or not you are breast feeding, the first few months you should concentrate on nourishing yourself through a proper diet. You can start exercising along with a good diet intake. After a couple of months, your body returns to its normal level and then you can start your loosing weight. You can take weight loss tips from new moms who have lost weight after pregnancy.

How Many Months Before I Return To My Normal Weight?

Weight gain during nine months is in the normal limits (20 - 30 pounds) then you should be able to lose weight in less than a year. This process takes time but ensures that your weight loss is at the right pace and safe. Post pregnancy period usually leaves the new moms low on self esteem. Some would be still coping with massive weight gain; some would constantly worry about milk stains on their clothes. Many women might not get enough time to take even a proper bath. Women do tend to get depressed for these reasons and do not know how cope with the change in their life. Many women constantly worry about sex after long nine months. They do not feel very comfortable indulging in intercourse as their body is out of shape.

These problems can be easily dealt with if you work towards your goal with a healthy weight loss regime. Pregnancy weight loss should be planned in consultation with your doctor. You should also keep in mind your physical condition before making a diet or exercise plan.

Exercising Helps

As a balanced diet plays a vital role in weight loss, exercise also plays a major part. Exercising however should not be started without the doctor's consultation. Exercise helps in post pregnancy weight loss. It also helps to increase your self confidence and lends you a hand if you are dealing with depression. Exercising affects breast milk is a myth and you should not bother about it.

Weight Loss Through Breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding also helps moms' lose weight. Breast feeding releases hormones which help your body to return to its normal level which in turn helps you regain your normal weight.
  • Breastfeeding is not a fool-proof method of weight loss after pregnancy. In most cases, women start losing weight only after they stop breast feeding.
  • Also relying on breast feeding may make you careless towards your diet and workout routine.
  • You can go on a low fat diet even if you are breast-feeding. Do ensure that you are taking at least 1800-2000 calories per day.
  • Remember that your body has gone through a lot of strain and changes. Post pregnancy care is very important for your body to heal and also to ensure weight loss after pregnancy.

    Weight loss tips are very much in demand. Weight loss is an area of concern after the pregnancy period. A lot of weight gain during pregnancy, can scare women to go for crash diets. But with the right daily regime, workouts and a good diet, weight loss after pregnancy can be achieved.


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