Thursday, June 26, 2008

18 Habits That Transform "Weight Loss Losers" Into "Weight Loss Goal Achievers"

1. We love ourselves. Our self-esteem is healthy and high.

2. We practice positivity and recognize that our positive attitude is key.

3. We squash our gremlin that continually whispers destructive self-criticism in our ears.

4. We work on busting through our self-limiting beliefs and thoughts so as to increase our self-awareness.

5. We monitor the content and quality of our thoughts. What we dwell upon in our mind becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

6. Realizing that Knowledge is Power we will overcome any concern of the unknown.

7. We focus with confidence on where we want to go and anticipate what we want.

8. We have a passion for our purpose. We know our goals clearly and specifically. We plan each element out and write it down in the first person as though we have achieved it.

9. Not only do we know where we want to go, but how we want to get there. As well as how to set up our environment to ensure achievement.

10. We accept total responsibility for our lives, what occurs to us, and the results of our actions.

11. We consciously relax regularly and let go.

12. We associate with other high achievers.

13. We understand the truth behind conditioning of beliefs and behaviors. We become what we think about.

14. Although there might be times of discomfort, we move forward with patience and faith, always knowing that success is certain.

15. We strive to feel good at what we do, knowing the impression it will have on our stress, health, happiness, etc. Through this mindset, we establish balanced goals towards a balanced life.

16. We plan continuously. We also review and as our lives evolve, we rewrite our plans.

17. We are strong-minded and unrelenting. We expect to suffer setbacks, disappointments and failures. But, pick ourselves up, carry on and look for the learning in our bumps in the road.

18. We prioritize and focus on whats most important, rather than on the trivial to do lists. There is never enough time to do the small things but always enough time to do the most essential things.

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