Saturday, June 21, 2008

9 Things I Noticed About Weight Loss Failure

As an expert and someone that has been in the community of fitness and bodybuilding for many years, I've seen people start diets and fail after 3 weeks even when they did lose 5 pounds the first week on their diet. Here are some facts about weight loss that you should know if you dare attempt to start a diet on your own.

  • If done incorrectly can cause serious rebound effects.
  • First week of initial Weight Loss is all water and glycogen -- Not Fat.
  • Second week of Weight Loss is water glycogen and muscle -- Not Fat.
  • Diets are a temporary solution to weight loss.
  • Your body adapts to your diet within 3-4 weeks.
  • There are different types of metabolisms and the diet that you are currently on might work against your metabolism. This is VERY common.
  • Healthy Fat Loss on diet alone does NOT work.
  • Beware of Diet pills, if it's not a drug it will NOT work. If it is a drug, it will NOT work without proper nutrition and exercise, however caution must be used as the fat loss will only be temporary once you come off the drug.
  • Losing 15 pounds does not mean you lost 15 pounds of fat (adipose tissue).
Fat burning should be part of the weight loss process if done correctly. A nutrition plan and exercise work best for ultimate fat loss. Losing fat greatly improves life expectancy, physical and mental well-being. The true goal behind weight loss is FAT LOSS. You want to lose weight from FAT which is mainly adipose tissue. Weight Loss is a generic term for losing unwanted scale weight. If your not losing fat, your losing water, glycogen and muscle. These are three of the most important things your body needs to stay healthy and function. No wonder people that go on so called diets feel like worse than when they started, see no beneficial results and don't meet their long term goals.

This can easily be solved by hiring an expert. With an expert, your obstacles and goals will be concretely defined on paper and you are guaranteed a success plan to losing fat for good.

Robert Lagana

Rob Lagana has competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and is a multi-title winner. He currently holds the 2006 Mr. Canada Natural Bodybuilding title in the NFSO & IFSB. Along with experience, Lagana Fitness provides the ultimate pathway to achieving your cosmetic, health and wellness goals. Lagana Fitness offers unique motivational, bodybuilding and fitness tips with free subscription to his newsletter.


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