Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anne Collins Weight Reduction Program

I was doing some research lately on the Internet and stumbled upon a website managed by Anne Collins. Her website is jam-packed with tons of information about her weight loss program, tips, resources, information, testimonials, products and anything you need to find out about losing weight. I was very impressed and decided that I had to bookmark this site and come back from time to time.

I am not endorsing her program because I have not tried it myself. However, I must give her credit for providing lots of information for her clients and visitors to make it a friendly site instead of one that is more commercial than enlightening. She does have a host of knowledgeable stuff, so it can be overwhelming to browse all at one time.

Her weight loss reduction program has peeked my interest. Her claim is that she has been helping people to lose weight for the past twenty-four years so her record speaks for itself. She provides a diet without the hunger and helps you to stay motivated during your dieting experience. She uses a system that offers support, no forbidden foods, no drugs or pills, but a permanent weight loss structure.

Cabbage soup and low carb diets are only temporary according to Ms. Anne Collins. With her system she offers to teach you how to make realistic and sustainable changes to your eating habits forever. You will learn an easy plan on how to improve your lifestyle that you will be able to maintain permanently.

Ms. Collins also provides a number of success stories with before and after photos to show the reality of how others have had weight loss success. She provides a book with her program that lays out what kinds of food you need to include on your shopping list as well as an exclusive private member site for a whole year where you will get on-going support from her and other members.

In her private member site, she provides weight charts, foods to eat, dieting tips, diet issues, exercise, nutrition and information about eating out. She claims that her program is approved by a Dr. Tina Ambury is a Very Experienced and Highly Respected Physician, who gives a testimonial on her website. When I got down to the end of her sales page, I was shocked that all she charges for the entire year is only $19.97, which computes to $0.38 per week. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee.

Ms. Collins must be doing well because her Page Rank is high and I think it may have a lot to do more with the numerous pages that she has of articles, resources and information. The information may be worth more than the program, but the point is that most people that give weight loss advice and offer different weight loss products think of it as a business. Not many people will actually do this for free, but when someone offers free information along with their product, they are to be commended even if it is for other ulterior motives.

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