Sunday, June 8, 2008

Calorie Shifting Meal Plan

There is a new diet regimen that is gaining popularity across the world known as the calorie shifting meal plan. As the name implies, it is a diet based on the theory that shifting your calories from meal to meal, from day to day, will trigger the appropriate metabolic response that will induce fat burning and thus rapid weight loss.

Calorie shifting differs from other diet regimens in that you are not restricting the quantity or the types of food that you eat. You can eat as much as you want from all four food groups while you are on this diet. The only caveat is that you must group your calories together in accordance with the pattern that is most conducive to fat loss.

You can lose as many as 9 pounds in 11 days without ever feeling hungry or deprived. In fact, you must eat 4 meals every day, and you can eat as much as you want until you are satisfied, but not until you are too full. (Stuffing yourself is counterproductive to the weight loss process.)

The rules of this diet are very simple and straight-forward, as outline below:

  1. Eat only until you are satisfied but not until you are too full.

  2. Leave a minimum gap of 2.5 to 3 hours between meals.

  3. Eat only the foods prescribed to you according to the calorie shifting meal plan at each meal.

  4. You must eat exactly 4 meals per day, no more and no less.

  5. You have a choice to eat any of the 4 meals in any order throughout the day.

  6. You must take a 3-day break from the diet on days 12 through 14 of your diet, before you may resume the diet again. This is to give your body a chance to rest from the rapid weight loss that you will be experiencing.

Here are some sample meal plans that you would be following. The diet plan lasts for 11 days but only 3 days are included here, just to give you an idea of how the plan is structured and to give you a sense of how satisfying and sustainable this diet truly is. Keep in mind that each of these four meals may be eaten in any order throughout the day, as long as you only eat that the designated foods at each of their respective meals.

Day 1:

Meal #1: Scrambled Eggs Meal

Meal #2: Sandwich (any type)

Meal #3: Flavored Oatmeal

Meal #4: Tuna Salad

Day 2:

Meal #1: Cottage Cheese

Meal #2: Scrambled Eggs [and] Mixed Vegetables

Meal #3: Chicken

Meal #4: Banana Milk Shake

Day 3:

Meal #1: Chicken

Meal #2: Fish Filet

Meal #3: Cottage Cheese

Meal #4: Fruit Salad

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