Sunday, June 15, 2008

Effective Ways To Weight Loss

You're already trying hard to lose weight. You're exercising and eating right. You're drinking more water and less juice. So how about doing a couple extra things this year to lose a couple extra pounds? Let's take a look at a few things you could do to supplement your weight loss:

1. Eat a salad before every meal. If you eat a full salad without dressing before you order or make your main meal, you may not find yourself eating as much of the high calorie foods to get full. You may be able to cut as much as 100 to 200 calories from each meal, which could help you lose one to two pounds per week. More importantly, you'll be eating healthier.

2. Use cinnamon flavored gum as your only snack. Whenever you feel yourself getting hungry and it isn't meal time, try popping a piece of sugar free cinnamon gum in your mouth. We're not sure why, but cinnamon gum seems to provide a hunger satisfaction not received from fruit and mint flavors.

3. Take 20 to 30 minutes to relax before consuming meals. This relaxation time could be taking a walk or talking with friends. In the mornings you may want to have your devotional time before your meal. Water the plants in your house or read a newspaper. Don't watch TV, as contrary to what many think, this causes a physiological stress reaction in the body.

4. Try new types of fruits and vegetables whenever you see some you haven't eaten before. Every new healthy food that you discover a liking for is another variety of alternative low-calorie food for you to use in your weekly meal plans. Many diets feel because they lack variety of flavors, so the more healthy variety you add the less you'll crave a change in diet. You may even play in the kitchen and create two or three great new recipes out of each new food you find.

5. Almost never combine eating with other activities. The only exception are family meals when some healthy conversation at the dinner table may be of more value than weight loss. You will almost always eat more if you're entertained while you eat.

It is important to keep your family and friends close while you are working on your weight loss efforts. Keep your support system close and take time to talk with people. Isolating yourself can undermine your weight loss efforts. Reach out and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

There is more than one effective way of dieting; the question is which diet is the right one for you? To learn more about how to choose the right weight loss diet program check out these articles about weight loss plans in particular how to get fit through sustainable, but quick weight loss programs.


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