Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flat Abs Fast - 3 Weeks

Here's how to get flat abs fast. You have to combine three things and in about three weeks you'll be significantly leaner with flat abs.

1. Diet.

Cut out your heavy carbohydrates like pasta, breads, sugars, etc. Replace all carbohydrates with a small amount of fruit and the rest vegetables.

For instance at breakfast you can have a piece of fruit, and again mid morning another piece of fruit, an apple for instance is fine. The rest of your carbs should come from any form of vegetables, and don't worry about the amount, you can get away with eating plenty of veges while still getting lean.

2. Exercise.

For your cardio exercise, which will burn the fat off quickly, do 25-30 minutes of brisk walking the first thing in the morning before eating. This is the best time to burn fat and get lean, and it does work very, very well. Just get out of bed and take a walk around the block or down the street and back. You'll be energized for the morning, and you will have burned a lot of fat quickly.

3. Ab exercises.

To get flat abs fast you have to cut to the chase and do the most effective ab exercises. The best way to find out what works is simply getting hold of an ab program and following the exercises outlined. Usually they have been researched with what works best and what works fast. This is what you want, just the best basics performed in the right fashion and right tempo for maximum results.

Combine these three elements and you'll see major results in 3 weeks.

Here is an excellent ab exercise program which can get you lean extremely fast -

You can cut to the chase and just start doing what has been proven to work with this program. See,


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